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Is Blockchain really a disrupter for HR?

Massive data overload and demands for highly personal, social, digital as well as mobile experiences are paving the way towards a (r)evolution in HR. Blockchain-based technology and processes have enormous power to scale rapidly while keeping us protected. It rewards trust and tracks accountability. In a digital world that has become distributed, blockchain could revolutionise HR practices as we know them.

Want to make Blockchain more than just a buzz word? Join us for a session to find out whether Blockchain will really be a disrupter for HR!

In this session we will discuss:

  • Concepts of Blockchain
  • Current research and market insights
  • The complexities and challenges for Blockchain in HR
  • Initiatives and potential for you to apply Blockchain


  • Roger Metelerkamp (PWC)
  • Fieke Fleskens (PWC)

Taal van de sessie



Dinsdag 2 oktober
Tijd: 14.30 – 15.10 uur
Zaal: 20

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