Modern Analytics for the Intelligent Enterprise

In a rapidly changing global environment, survival of the fittest is determined by speed to market and the ability to tap into vast stores of data both on premise and in the cloud for real-time insight.

There is a massive shift in how goods and services are delivered thanks to global, enterprise digitization. From healthcare to manufacturing, retail, and the public sector, organizations are shaking up their industries and rewriting the rules of competition by embracing a data-driven, mobile, and hyper-connected culture. Join Sven Bauszus, Global Vice President at SAP, as he outlines the future of the digital enterprise, accelerated with end-to-end analytics.


  • Sven Bauszus (Global Vice President, SAP Analytics and SAP Leonardo)


Dinsdag 2 oktober
Tijd: 11.30 – 12.10
Zaal: 28