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Energize Your Digital Transformation with the Right Skills

Join us and discover how SAP Learning Hub gives unlimited access to all of SAP’s learning content and certification paths, as well as opportunities for collaboration, social learning and access to SAP Learning Journeys.

To stay competitive in today’s global arena, you need capabilities to create and deploy a multi-channel program that delivers training wherever and whenever employees need it. SAP Learning Hub is the answer: lower your costs and bypass obstacles with instant online access to SAP’s vast reservoir of knowledge and learning content.

Join us for an in-depth tour of the full SAP Learning Hub:

  • How to navigate
  • A quick review of the content available
  • Exactly what is an SAP Learning Room
  • Create your learning plan with SAP learning Journeys
  • Complete the experience with Hands on practice.


  • Caroline Kinsman, Senior Education Architect (SAP)


Woensdag 3 oktober
Tijd: 10.30 – 12.00
Zaal: 25

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