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Improve user adoption and reduce the cost of implementing SAP Software

Join us for a workshop with Fran Hemmings, Senior Solution Architect, SAP EMEA Education, to get ‘hands on’ experience with SAP Enable Now and rapidly build some content for yourself.

Imagine if you could create all types of enablement and documentation content, cross application and industry, for any subject, which can be shared through mobile and social learning and provide in-application help and guidance. SAP Enable Now not only lets you do this, but also allows you to automatically localize, update and maintain content whilst re-using all kinds of existing content for context sensitive help. Customers using SAP Enable Now have seen up to 70% less training and support costs, up to a 92% faster documentation process and 73% faster process execution.


  • Fran Hemmings (Senior Solution Architect, SAP)


Dinsdag 2 oktober
Tijd: 14.30 – 16.00
Zaal: 25

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