SAP Finance SAP S/4HANA (on-premise) roadmap

Today, finance professionals are investing too much time in operational tasks.  These, of course, cannot just be abandoned.  But in a much more efficient way.  This can be done by introducing an unprecedented level of automation: through machine learning, the use of networks, deciding which key tasks to perform by starting by looking at relevant KPI’s and go from there and more.  With S/4HANA 1808 and 1809, we see this approach applied to – amongst others –   the goods and invoice receipt reconciliation process, the calculation of accruals and tax management. At the same time business partners (both internal and also external) are requesting a much higher involvement of finance in the organization’s strategy. Most organizations are convinced about the fact that more effort should be spent on forward-looking insights.    With S/4HANA 1808 and 1809, further extending our real-time margin analysis, predictive accounting, applying machine learning to enable smart alerting and new ways of integrated planning through leveraging the S/4HANA in combination with the SAP Cloud Platform are some of the ways to support these needs. During this session, these important evolutions will be discussed and practically illustrated.



Dinsdag 2 oktober
Tijd: 15.55 – 16.35
Zaal: 28