Crop disease management to feed the world

Waterwatch is developing a Crop Disease Alert and Tracking solution (CDAT). Learn about it in this session.

Waterwatch is developing a Crop Disease Alert and Tracking solution (CDAT) in which we combine weather data, satellite imagery, and on ground pictures taken by farmers with their smartphones (image recognition). The proposed solution is able to provide alerts before a disease occurs, and can track the development of a disease whenever a crop is infected. The combination of proposed technologies ensures that the information can be provided with unprecedented precision (i.e. spatial resolution) and accuracy. The yields and income of smallholder farmers will increase due to a higher survival rate of the crops.

Main characteristics and conditions of our solution:

  • Our solution monitors farmer fields to assess the chances that a disease occurs. When it is forecasted that there is a moderate or high chance that a disease occurs, the farmer gets an alert. The farmer can then take appropriate action based on best practices that are also provided by our solution.
  • When a disease occurs, the disease can be monitored which provides additional information for the farmer to improve its mitigation strategies.
  • The solution has a user friendly interface and provides clear messages/information.
  • The solution will run on simple smartphones with limited internet connectivity.

This project runs in the Agrispaces Nairobi, the network of co-innovations centers in Agrifood business. Local farmers are onboarded in Embu county near Mount Kenia. Design Thinking is used to ensure a clear focus on the farmers and to build a clear business model to ensure the service can continue after the project is completed.

Please refer to https://youtu.be/skwnWfJW8Kk for a short overview of the work Waterwatch Cooperative is doing for farmers around the globe.


Taal van de sessie



Woensdag 3 oktober
Tijd: 14.30 – 15.10
Zaal: 10