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Shape your SAP products with your ideas & feedback – SAP’s Influencing programs and tools

SAP Customer Influence
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Especially for our customers it is important to know which channels SAP offers to collect firsthand customer feedback and so to get a real chance to influence the focused SAP product(s). There is a variety of influencing channels provided by SAP already and an overview is given here: http://influence.sap.com

It is important to get this overview to be prepared about what one may influence actively with their own ideas and feedback, so the SAP products get shaped the way they like and fitting to their businesses accordingly. Many of our customers know SAP as the pioneer of the Business Suite. These customers are now looking eagerly at a move to S/4HANA and the Intelligent Enterprise. Beneath other activities, using SAP’s influence channels is another way to ensure that our products fulfill their expectations, in considering their own feedback and ideas to optimize and enhance them the way they want. This way, we also will build what our customers need to win at the end.

Many to all SAP LoB’s are covered by SAP’s influencing channels already, providing customers the chance to help shaping SAP products and easing their daily businesses with a bunch of enhancements.

Learn in this hands-on session about the tool framework and how you as a customer may find enhancements for SAP products you have currently in use. And maybe there is a lot of enhancements already available for immediate use by you, effectively easing your daily SAP experiences?

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